Day 14: Campfire Day! (and some political stirrings...?)

Today is Friday! It's Campfire Day at Village.

Campfire Day!
We love campfire day! It's a fun day of friends and fun performances. Also, There are stirrings of a political sort happening, as evidenced by huddled groups talking in hushed tones! But let's begin at the beginning.

The plan of the day.
Note: It's not spelling camp.

We started, as always, with singin'. It wasn't precipitating, so we moved outside and got REALLY REALLY loud as we belted out our favorites. Some songs sounded great with this treatment, while others suffered a little with the extra energy being added from the volume. No matter, however, because there was the trusty Jibberish (like Gibberish, but not quite) song to fall back on.

Cutting a door.
We moved from the circle to grab peeps from land and get going with Werk Berzerk I. People who don't have their houses on the land are working steadily to meet the Tuesday deadline, lest they be assessed the 50R fine (that's 50 Rainbows, the Village's unit of currency). All homesteaders who have their livable houses on the land by the end of Werk Bezerk III will receive 50R! The government would really like to see the town fully settled, and soon!

Installing the transom on Mr. XXXXX's boat
and carefully putting together Bella Cose's
intricately designed house. 

Adding trim to windows. 
During Werk Bezerk II Frank Shorterer offered a Community College class on ponchos. We've had some VERY wet weather recently, and several Peeps now sport bright red or yellow ponchos to protect them from the precipitation. Below, Smaug wears his new poncho (made and sold to him by Mia's person) and Jacques sports during a land-time chat with Robin. (Herbert III's person seems confused by their odd discussion...). You can see Frank Shorterer's poncho in a photo farther down.


During Werk Berserk II we also had a little bit of talk-radio time with Herbert III. Since the radio station manager was away, the Fed authorized Herbert to use some air time to discuss such erudite topics as the hierarchy of cats and ever-burning perennial questions such as "why IS the grumpy cat so grumpy?" There was a lot of discontent expressed in listener land, and the Fed had to step in to prevent the town from storming the radio station!

A brief snippet of political gossip: Word on the street is that the Chinchilla Food Cult and the Illuminati may be teaming up to try to take over the town! Using the "selection" process and the simple majority required to oust a standing town councilor from office, the rumors have it that they hope to have their "own people" in power soon! We can't wait to find out...

The town paper came out during Werk Bezerk II.

The image quality of the paper is poor (since it is a photo), but the editorial contributions to the paper are strong.  First, the Editor shares what he knows about the rise of the Illuminati. Being a member of the Chinchilla Food Cult himself, it's hard for a townsperson to know who to trust for information!

Second, the "Editor Wonders What the Fed is Doing with OUR Money". While he admits to his recent tax evasion, he presents some philosophical reasoning for wishing to be free of the taxes: ' "Arnold, yar 94 an' want to retire but you have to spend Yar money and time paying taxes! ... An' what is the fed doin' with Yar Rainbows anyway?"' Good questions, Mr. XXXXX!

At left you can see this week's advertisements (for local businesses) and a sudoku puzzle designed by Mr. XXXXX.

From Werk Bezerk II we moved into Land Time, which happens at Peep speed (11 human feet/minute). Peeps and their Homesteaders begin on their own land, but then may move around town to visit friends and engage in trade. Peeps have developed some interesting and creative ways to avoid having to move slowly (see day 13!).

Many Peeps now have "livable" houses on their land. Below is Lanaea's land, complete with sliver pool and her tan house. The "Twyla" house belongs to a visiting friend of Village--she was a Homesteader last year  and was visiting for the day. Bella Cose's angular abode sits atop a rise overlooking a small pond, while Joe has built his house hanging in a tree. A view like that is too nice to ruin with curtains! Randie's land features a very tall outhouse (so the smell doesn't linger") complete with a moon cut in the door.
Bella Cose's angular abode. 

Lanaea's pool is open! Come on over, friends!

Joe's house has a panoramic view. 
Randie's cuboidal quarters and his new outhouse. 

Emmalie's plane touches down for
a quick stop to pick up a friend.

During land time, a LOT of commerce took place. Mr. XXXXX sold human and Peep sized brownies at an incredible unit rate! One Homesteader paid over a hundred Rainbows for a large portion. It was an incredible lesson on the power of a limited supply and very high demand!

Robin's establishment, Scarves made on Mars, is expanding to include shoes as well. Robin's advertisements and products can be seen below, ready to for Land time.

Commerce was brisk during land time! Though the market for Flexa-rugs may be slowing, business is picking up at other establishments. Below, Rachel's Homesteader fills out a check at Bat's Best Pets, while Randie checks out Robin's shoe supply and Herbert III loiters in the periphery.

There is fierce competition between the two pet shops in town. Bat's Best Pets is making money hand over fist selling pets (though they have a good many more in stock, says store owner Kirby). Employees of the other pet store (which is as yet un-named) say that even though they have a limited stock right now, they are working hard to fill orders. 

Kirby with some of the pets available for sale.

Frank Shorterer and his new dog Speedo.
At the "other" pet store, pets come with their own houses!
After Land Time we began to prepare for our Campfire Day snack and performances. The fire was built and skits practiced. S'mores sticks were sharpened. Games were played. 
Some rain fell, but we didn't care!

Let the performance's begin!

Campfire performances were fun and spirits were high. From riddles and brain teasers to Slow-motion skits, this week's campfire was a smorgasbord of silliness. There was a cheesey four-part round with guitar accompaniment, carefully selected poems on topics ranging from the temperamental seasons to the ways in which one can Hate Harry. There was a unicycle and some fake gold. Finally, there was a (semi-)trained hephalump who performed several tricks.  He performed his tricks pretty well, but ended up relieving himself on a camper volunteer.

Pluses and Wishes for today:

Campfire (x10!)
Finished my house (x3)
Campfire performances
Playing games with another Homesteader
Cookies and Rainbows
Started my job at the trading post
I am done with my house except for the windows!
Visiting camp today and meeting new people!
Filling town offices with people loyal to the cause...

I could get her autograph.
Fish on a very fine dish (x2)
Swedish fish.
That my Peep is dry and that I get more business.
People don't steal my Peep snacks.
The hephalump.
The visitors could stay!
That I get paid for the paper I did.
Complete my house soon.
The visitors visit again.
That it wasn't Friday so we could come to Village tomorrow!


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