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Day 5

Our first Friday at Village and the last day of June was very full, and as such so will be its blog! Singing "The Ship Titanic" Activity block one included working on houses, businesses, and the fire pit for our first campfire! Campfire is a Village tradition that happens at the end of every week. We enjoy a fire and possible s'mores, with a variety show as the main entertainment. Also in block one, applicants for the Newspaper manager position were interviewed by commissioner Evie. "What's his name"/Frederick/Joel/etc. was chosen for the role! As Newspaper Manager, he plans to allow businesses to advertise for free in hopes that it will put all poster controversy behind us. He will also hire differently opinionated writers to update the town on the political scene from a variety of perspectives. Another new homesteader also joined us today, and we were happy to help her catch up with the rest of the group! Look at all those angles!! Commis

Day 4

June 29th, day four So far, each new day at Village has seemed to be more exciting than the last! Here are some events that made the first Thursday special.  Our newest homesteader furnishes her peep with a full head of hair! Today we welcomed a new homesteader and her peep, Mia, who was quick to show her allegiance to the Cult of the Great Chinchilla Food. More news on the topic of the CGCF farther down! Also today, much progress was made on house plans. Nearly all homesteaders had finished their cardboard models and lumber orders by the end of the day, and many others made progress sizing and cutting their wood! Prospects for painting and nailing tomorrow are looking very bright. Jigsaw mastery! Drawing plans onto wood Business propaganda for Bat's Best Pets. Their slogan is: "Pets that don't need to go to the vet!" Alternative advertisements from peep Robin who seeks an English teacher C

Day 3

June 28th, Wednesday-- a busy day in T.S.T.W.R.S.A.E.C.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B.A.O.T.B.I.A.G.C. Elated that the unpredictable weather permitted swimming!! After reviewing The Plan of the Day and singing songs, homesteaders headed to the acre to retrieve their peeps, who had spent the rainy night in yesterday's primitive shelters. The effectiveness of each shelter was made evident based on how soaked a peep was. "What's His Name?" lost his beard due to the dampness, but fortunately it was able to be fixed (long live the Mighty Jambi!). Damp peeps! During activity block 1, homesteaders worked on finishing their cardboard models, writing their lumber orders, and drawing their house plans onto said lumber. Peeps are very excited to have their houses built! Working hard on her lumber order! Finishing touches on the cardboard model! Cardboard model finished! Helping hands from a commissioner Listeners of the radio during

Day Two

Homesteaders getting ready to RUN for their land! Tuesday, June 27th Land stakes and perimeter strings ready for the land rush! Our major work today was choosing the town land and getting individual land plots. Homesteaders arrived full of enthusiasm at 9, and we moved right into singing our favorite songs. At 9:30 we moved into the woods to establish the town's perimeter--a FED approved human acre of land. We found out that an acre is the amount of land an ox can plow in one day--it was thought that we're glad we don't have to measure the acre that way. Rushing to get the land! Land found! Showing off primitive shelter and tools used to clear the space.  Setting the boundaries.   After homesteaders found their individual plots, they tied their perimeter strings. The perimeters of the mini-acres is 1/24th the perimeter of a human-sized square acre, or approximately 35 feet. A primitive shelter for a Peep to live on the