Day Two

Homesteaders getting ready to RUN for their land!
Tuesday, June 27th
Land stakes and perimeter strings
ready for the land rush!

Our major work today was choosing the
town land and getting individual land plots. Homesteaders arrived full of enthusiasm at 9, and we moved right into singing our favorite songs. At 9:30 we moved into the woods to establish the town's perimeter--a FED approved human acre of land. We found out that an acre is the amount of land an ox can plow in one day--it was thought that we're glad we don't have to measure the acre that way.

Rushing to get the land!

Land found!
Showing off primitive shelter and tools
used to clear the space. 
Setting the boundaries. 

 After homesteaders found their individual plots, they tied their perimeter strings. The perimeters of the mini-acres is 1/24th the perimeter of a human-sized square acre, or approximately 35 feet.

A primitive shelter for a Peep to live on the land
until a permanent structure is built. 

Homesteaders establish the perimeter of their land using the strings, then begin building primitive shelters from materials found on and around their land. Peeps are now living on the land!

A homesteader proud of his land and primitive shelter. 

Rain! A break in the homesteading action. 

Sad faces... no swimming due to thunder. 
Jesslyn modeling the Cheese Song lyrics for all. We decided to build our own songbook this year,
since the old books "have the words all wrong!"

The afternoon brought with it some rain and thunder, so we moved inside to continue with house plans, cardboard models and applications for federal management jobs at the trading post, bank, radio station and newspaper.
Working on house plans and models instead of swimming!

A proud homesteader shows off his property and primitive shelter. Below, his peep reclines outside the shelter. 

A homesteader moves rocks to accommodate his dreams!
Below, Peep Robin is hidden safely in her primitive shelter. 

We finished today with Corvee (the French word for unpaid labor--our fun word for chores), then chose our currency name and played a game of Bat and Moth. The currency is named "Rainbows" for the larger denominations (akin to dollars) and the "Cookies" are the change.

Today's Pluses and Wishes

Finished my cardboard model!
Finished my house plans!
Started my cardboard model.
Fenced my land, cleared the interior, and finished my primitive shelter!
Spent some good time working on the Chinchilla Food Compound land.
Added a moss carpet to my land.
Finished my job application.
Sang the cheese song!
Saw awesome progress!
Everyone survived. (i.e. No one drowned. Somber words, offered in a positive spirit!)
The math on my house plans seems to be working out!
Rainbows and Cookies!

That we can swim tomorrow!!!!! (Many people wished for this.)
That the math of my house plans actually works out!
That I can start my real house tomorrow.
That I get my cardboard model done tomorrow.
Cookies and Rainbows!
That we get to meet Jasmine's Peep.


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