Day 22

It is day 22, Mini-Fair Eve, and also appraisal day. Homesteaders crafted up a storm preparing for these two events!

Side one of last week's newspaper: a
must read!

Side two

After singing and groupies, there was ONE LAST werk berzerk block to work on houses before appraisal time! The barn was real' busy with painters, sculptors, and hot-gluers. Some homesteaders also went to their lands to reinforce fencing and do other landscaping.

Final touches

Alex ??????'s finished land!

Appraisals happened after snack! Groupies and their leading commissioners toured the town and stopped at each property to read its blurb and evaluate pricing. To achieve their appraisal amounts, homesteaders took the median of all of the price-tickets their homes received. We think this method is fair because tickets with R0 or R100,000 will just add more place markers to count the median off from, rather than skewing an average. The most valuable property was Linnea's, many peeps were impressed by her garage, stone pathways, large pool, home and hotel. Overall, everyone was content with their appraisal values.

Checking out the inside of a peep's

Kirby's house has a basement-bathroom! 

Checkin' it out!!

Showing her land 

We were all late to lunch and had to cut it slightly short to make room for our afternoon plans. A berzerk block, this time, for Mini Fair. Homesteaders who had already finished all of their own village tasks were employed to help make speed limit signs and a large town map.


Working on a candy vending machine

Peep speed limit!

Working on a Mini Fair sign

Pie making!


After cleaning up, we finished corvee lickedy split and had our first full, un-shortened game time in several days! It was a relief to head to the cemetery after a long, yet successful day at camp to play camouflage. As always, we finished with out pluses and wishes.

Assassins on the sideline! 

Makin' pies
Excellent progress on Mini Fair ride
Lost a toof
Introducing more people to the wonders of flexagons
Cookies and rainbows
Sharing materials for Mini Fair rides
Solving problems
Poop munnie

More camo
Kung fu pugs
Cookies and rainbows
Make a poop-ton of rainbows (one metric pants-load)
No one got stung
Get back to camp ASAP!
No rain!
Get new teef 4 xmas
No low-balling on appraisals!
Totally wicked Mini Fair
We get poop money
Get to play bocce at Mini Fair
Not lose in assassins
Nothing goes wrong at Mini Fair tomorrow
Make a lot of problems
Poop munnie


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