Day 23: Mini-Fair

Ready and waiting for guests at the Mini-Fair!

Making mini-books and
testing the candy machine. 
Thursday was Mini-Fair day. It dawned ominously grey, with a forecast for rain. No matter, as that's ALWAYS what happens at Mini-Fair. We sang our hearts out in the morning and then spent the day getting ready for our big party. Everyone was busy, and there was much laughing and joking as we made our final preparations. Creation of mini-foods, books, mathematical marvels and other Peep-sized commodities dominated the main space of the barn, rides were tweaked and tested in the workshop and signs were painted outside. Everyone was in good spirits. We used a lot of paint, nails and hot glue!

Alex ??????'s Homesteader creates her signs. 
Takin' a break together.

Team Village Activate!

Testing LED lights in a Homesteader's ride. 

The weather grew even more ominous as we set up for our party--the sky looked as if it might open up on us any minute. We pressed on and set up tables, signs and rides.  Jacques made the rounds, trying different rides and attractions.

Jacques shooting hoops.
Jacques trying out the giant swings. 

Jacques sampling the Thunder Splash water ride!

As visitors arrived and the action began to pick up Homesteaders energy carried the day. They hawked peep-sized wares and shouted invitations and challenges to try their rides. Our town's map helped direct visitors to Homesteaders' properties.

The town map. 

Making insta-peeps. 

Navigating the mini-mini-golf course. 

There were many rides and attractions that both insta- and typical-Peeps could enjoy. Mini-mini-golf featured a challenging track. Beach Blinko was a marble drop, advertised by its Homesteader as a place you could "put in a marble as big as your peep's head and watch its path to the bottom!" Shoes, hats and bouquets appeared on insta-peeps and mini pastries consumed as visitors spent their Rainbows. There was a Peep-sized Wipe Out course, a semi-automatic candy machine, a bocce court, a giant swing, a flume ride, hot-air balloon rides and a zip line. Two enterprising homesteaders offered tours of the town for eight Rainbows.

Advertising her attraction in style. 

A semi-mechanized candy machine. 

Making mini-s'mores. 

Costumed and ready with merchandise for sale. 

It was such a busy day! Happily the rain held off until the last minutes of the party. We congratulated each other on a job well done and called it a day.


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