Day 4

June 29th, day four

So far, each new day at Village has seemed to be more exciting than the last! Here are some events that made the first Thursday special. 

Our newest homesteader furnishes her peep
with a full head of hair!

Today we welcomed a new homesteader and her peep, Mia, who was quick to show her allegiance to the Cult of the Great Chinchilla Food. More news on the topic of the CGCF farther down!

Also today, much progress was made on house plans. Nearly all homesteaders had finished their cardboard models and lumber orders by the end of the day, and many others made progress sizing and cutting their wood! Prospects for painting and nailing tomorrow are looking very bright.

Jigsaw mastery!
Drawing plans onto wood

Business propaganda for Bat's Best Pets.
Their slogan is: "Pets that don't need to go
to the vet!"

Alternative advertisements from peep
Robin who seeks an English teacher


After cleanup, the homesteaders headed to a neighboring field for a long-awaited game of capture the flag. In our version, teams are created when each player partners up with another who has a similar amount of strength, and then they take opposite sides. At the start of each match, a person and their partner form firm eye contact and handshake, and trash talk*. It was as fun as anticipated!

*examples in following caption
"Booger tissue!!" "Leech poop!!"

Capture the flag
House almost finished!
Rainbows earned
Government was decided on
Someone bought something from my business!
Working in the workshop
Leeches and the village war before town meeting
Working with commissioner Josh to get lumber order done
Fixed things that I broke
Meeting everybody!

People wouldn't insult the Chinchilla Food group
Rainbows and Cookies
Cookies and Rainbows
More capture the flag
Start painting my house tomorrow
To have more energy
For a proper cup of coffee
That the government won't work! And for sleep!
S'mores tomorrow
Less trouble
Warmer weather


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