Day 5

Our first Friday at Village and the last day of June was very full, and as such so will be its blog!

Singing "The Ship Titanic"

Activity block one included working on houses, businesses, and the fire pit for our first campfire! Campfire is a Village tradition that happens at the end of every week. We enjoy a fire and possible s'mores, with a variety show as the main entertainment. Also in block one, applicants for the Newspaper manager position were interviewed by commissioner Evie. "What's his name"/Frederick/Joel/etc. was chosen for the role! As Newspaper Manager, he plans to allow businesses to advertise for free in hopes that it will put all poster controversy behind us. He will also hire differently opinionated writers to update the town on the political scene from a variety of perspectives.

Another new homesteader also joined us today, and we were happy to help her catch up with the rest of the group!

Look at all those angles!!

Commissioner Mark helping out in the

JC Jasmine helping a new homesteader with
her peep

The manager of the Bank pictured at the
entrance to the Peep Loft

Hard at work!

A handy conveyor-bark helps move rocks
for our fire pit!

After snack at we broke for swimming, continued workshop-ing, and working on campfire routines.

Happy swimmers

A homesteader brought his fishing pole
to the pond! He threw back the catch.

The fire pit finished!

At lunchtime another heated town meeting resulted in a change in government. At one point to diffuse tension and open the table to other ideas, Jeff Linton proposed a lottery in place of election to choose representatives. The idea seemed fair to many peeps and it was voted on.


Campfire had a creative collection of performances, including magic tricks, violin playing, intermittent cheesy jokes, and song singing. One group of homesteaders even put on a skit, titled "What's Happened at Village So Far," in which the land rush and the sequence of events that led to the chosen democracy were summarized. It was finished with a final... "And that's why you shouldn't have democracy!"

'Mallow roasting!

Satisfying s'mores


A lovely violin performance with two acts!

Magic show!

And now, as per usual, to wrap up with our
Getting more work done on my house
Catching a fish!
Emit (a neighborhood dog who frequents camp)
We got a computer set up in the radio station
Lack of chaos
Town meeting
Cookies and Rainbows
Working on the fire pit with Jesslyn
Terrible cheesy jokes

Cookies and Rainbows
To finish my house
That homesteaders would respect other peeps' properties
Whirled peas
Fish in a very fine dish
More productivity
Peeps won't get too mad if I don't hire them + leeches!
More cheesy jokes!
People bring their reusable water bottles


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