Day 3

June 28th, Wednesday-- a busy day in T.S.T.W.R.S.A.E.C.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B.A.O.T.B.I.A.G.C.

Elated that the unpredictable weather permitted swimming!!

After reviewing The Plan of the Day and singing songs, homesteaders headed to the acre to retrieve their peeps, who had spent the rainy night in yesterday's primitive shelters. The effectiveness of each shelter was made evident based on how soaked a peep was. "What's His Name?" lost his beard due to the dampness, but fortunately it was able to be fixed (long live the Mighty Jambi!).

Damp peeps!

During activity block 1, homesteaders worked on finishing their cardboard models, writing their lumber orders, and drawing their house plans onto said lumber. Peeps are very excited to have their houses built!

Working hard on her lumber order!
Finishing touches on the cardboard model!
Cardboard model finished!
Helping hands from a commissioner

Listeners of the radio during this time were graced with an advertisement by supporters of The Cult of the Great Chinchilla Food, which announced that those who signed up would be rewarded with 30 Rainbows (the homesteaders' decided currency). "We don't have the money though" could be heard in the background, followed by a more audible "so definitely come down... to the compound." Below is the scripture of The Cult of the Great Chinchilla Food, typed as it was written:

"The Begening"
"Before the great chin cila food thear was only darkness and eivel and was ruled by the chicila a horrbil beast but when the chicila food came it pushed the evel chincila back so that it could only be found in pet stores. Then it created its chlidren who helped it creat evry thing"

"the forget ing"
"as evrything grew they sion became more ignorent and started to qeston the truth in the great chincila food and slowly peapol stop telling the story of the begining and peapol started to for get the grea chincila food."

"the return"
"once many years later somebody herd a voice this some body was high prest Asahel he herd the voice and was telling him the truth about the bpening and about the grerat chinchila food and how it had chosen hem to bring back the graet chicila food and so Asahel got a frend and they began ther jorny to bring back the cult o chin cila food"

A reminder to follow the sacred literature: cult passions should not be inhibited by errors in grammar and spelling!!

Also announced during activity were the peeps who were chosen to manage federal jobs; Radio Station: Darth Plagus, Trading Post: Harley Quinn, Bank: Lanae. Stay tuned for details regarding the T.S.T.W.R.S.A.E.C.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B.A.O.T.B.I.A.G.C. newspaper!!

Preparing the Trading Post to be opened

Excited to be the Radio Station manager

It was decided by the Fed that the pay per work block for the managers of federal jobs would be 25 Rainbows. However, a petition requesting that the pay be raised to 50 arose, as some peeps were concerned about repaying their loan of 500 Rainbows. Other managers said that they wanted to wait and see how they could live on their earnings


A game involving tossing a ball across a circle in strategic order, with the object being to decrease the time it took to complete, served as a practice for town meeting. Homesteaders and peeps had to work together to create solutions, vote, and compromise. In the actual meeting, homesteaders discussed possible ideas for what kind of government their village would have. This included democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, anarchy, and theocracy. On the topic of a person's desired form of governance not being chosen, a homesteader said: "I like village because you have the power or you don't, having no power is just as fun if you can fight the power."


An abrupt and unexpected rain shower disappointed those who were looking forward to playing capture the flag in the afternoon, and we stayed indoors to play board games or work on our homes and business ideas instead.

Putting up flyers to promote their new business

I got the job I wanted!!  (x3)
I started my own business (x2)
I got to draw plans on lumber
I had fun despite rain
Sunshine (x2)
My house is cheap
Swimming (x4)
No one drowned (x2)
Created scripture and holy song (gospel) for the Cult of Chinchilla Food
Catalogued and labeled the trading post

Cookies and rainbows (x4)
That we could play capture the flag (x2)
Lots and lots of rainbows and cookies!!
To get hired for the job I want (x3)
Whirled peas
That no one be mad at me if they don't get hired
That everyone with a fed job does well and keeps their job
Import gambling set
More consistent weather
No direct democracy because we will get nothing done and theocracy will work because great chinchilla food is never wrong


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