Day 8

 Thursday, July 6, day 8...

Our werk bezerk 1 was brightened up with a community college class on peep wallpaper making, hosted by a special guest. There will be more of these classes in the future, the next one being on hardwood floor installation as was voted for by homesteaders!

Also note: the community college classes are examples of Fed sponsored activities, which are where the peeps' tax rainbows go. The 5% tax was established in time for the first payday, but due to the effect it has had on the Federal budget, it will be up to the peeps to choose between the classes and low taxes.

Our special guest and her professor peep!

Wallpapering a finished house!

Those who did not attend the course continued working on their homes or jobs.

 Help from Jasmine

Cutting out windows!

Trading Post biz

Cutting posts to nail walls to!

After snack, we broke from the regular swim/work choice and took everyone to the pond!! Homesteaders split into groups that fished, swam with Jesslyn and Mark, played a game with Jasmine, or hung about on the shore with Josh (and his guitar) and Evie. It was lots of fun! No leeches were accounted for (fortunately/unfortunately), although there was a surplus of colorful dragonflies.


Town council took place after lunch and reps are plotting to fire current moderator and Fed member Josh, because "[they] don't want any commissioners in the meetings!!"

Also during bezerk-2, lots of progress was made on the newspaper's first issue. Employees could be seen cramming dialogue into intricate comics as well as testing out Sudoku puzzles up until their deadline. A few political articles are also expected in print.

Before corvee, some announcements were made, including that Emmaly's Pet Shop did not sell unicorns or dragons, but Bat's Best Pets would accommodate those in want. Not only was the competing business factor interesting, but a question of ethics arose. "Is it, like, really offensive to Smog [one of our peeps!] if they sell dragons since he is a dragon?" Another homesteader replied that no, it wasn't, because dragons from the pet store were pets. "But isn't that like slavery?" asked one. "Well, there is no law against it yet," replied another.

Another announcement was that the homesteader behind the peep behind Sun Rise Casino would be importing blackjack and poker, and would take suggestions for other means of gambling to import (as if there weren't already enough ways to lose money in T.S.T.W.R.S.A.E.C.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B.A.O.T.B.I.A.G.C.). Somebody said "checkers," and it was followed by suppressed giggles.

Wild strawberries in the capture the flag

Corvee took a very long time today so the afternoon game was cut very short, but watermelon (so generously donated) made spirits higher while we said our pluses and wishes:

Passed another law
Made a perfect peep cloak
SLUUUURP! (watermelon)
Wallpaper was cool
Working on the newspaper
Made a sweet sword
Almost done with house
Done with house!
Made some sweet comics
No one drowned + no leeches
Selling a bed

Newspaper comes out soon!
Don't get fired as moderator at town meeting
Cookies and rainbows
More business for Flexa-Rugs
More business for Bats Best Pets
Rainbows and cookies
Whirled peas
For an awesome campfire tomorrow
More people swam
More watermelon
People stop taking my shifts at the Trading Post!


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