Day 7

We started our second Monday of week 2 (thanks to having a break on the 4th) with silly song singing to amp everyone up!!

Boing boing boing boing, BANG BANG BANG BANG,
numnumnumnum, aaaAAAaaaAAAHHH!!!!, Wabbit
 get in here!! (Little Cabin in the Woods)

A headless peep! Such is sometimes the
consequence of a not-well-enough-fortified
primitive shelter

During the first "werk berzerk," as is what we fondly call our activity blocks, business boomed in the Trading Post. Many peeps were ready to paint their homes and had to go there to purchase materials. Below are the manager and an employee, expressing the prosperity the store was experiencing.

On duty in the Trading Post

Shopping for homemaking supplies!
Announcements via radio!

Other business in the Peep Loft included newspaper writing and music + news on our radio.

Working on the newspaper, the first edition of
which will be distributed this Friday!

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming two new peeps into our town-- Alex ??????, who came here via submarine all the way from Siberia, and Kirby, pictured below.
Batman has left us and been replaced by his
43rd cousin 4x removed, Kirby

More hard workers!

At work on houses in the shop!

Cutting out windows

Swimmers during block 2 were (some pleasantly and others not so) surprised by plentiful leech sightings! One homesteader was brave enough to relocate several of them to help the others feel more comfortable. Otherwise, it was a glorious day for a swim! None of us wanted to leave.

"How big was the leech?!"

Our town's first written law!

The result of town council's meeting today was our first law, passed and written:"Citizens cannot walk on others' lands. If a citizen's property is damaged by another citizen, the guilty party must [unclear] make the necessary time, monetary [unclear] labor commitments to repair said damage. A ten rainbow fine shall also be issued and shall be paid to the Fed."

The issue it addresses has affected several homesteaders in the past and they were happy to have their wants met. They are learning the power of having their voices heard in politics!

An applicable example would be the petition for a tax reduction from 9% to 5% that was written by one and signed by many. Homesteaders thought the 9% was too high and made a case for the 5%-- their model proved that the Fed should still be able to make enough money to support their projects, while in the meantime peeps would be able to repay their loans more surely. A win-win? Almost?

The Fed concluded they would try it out for a time period and would renounce it if it did not meet their needs.

After lunch, the bezerk continued!!

Adding color to her walls

Our end of day game was an energetic "WAH." It got pretty crazy! Also crazy was the number of ticks spotted in the field. We already routinely remind homesteaders to do tick checks, but please do your part also by equipping your children with bugspray and helping them check when they get home each day. The Fed thanks you!

House traced on lumber
House ready to go on land
Leeches + fun day WAAAAAh
Going swimming
Made a new peep
Painted my house
Business is picking up
Getting a paycheck
Winning a game against a commissioner
Town council wrote and passed its first law!
Nice weather
Cutting out my doors and windows
Working at the trading post

To work in the wood shop
Pay off my loan
More leeches!!
Cookies and rainbows
No leeches!!
Bigger cookies
Paint accents on house
That my floor would stay put
Minor ego inflation
That my brother were here
Have another fun day tomorrow!
Finish more windows


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