Day 6: Houses, Robert's Rules of Cookies and Government by Lottery

Monday, July 4th minus 1 (or, July 3rd), 2017

Today was day 6 at Village, and a busy day it was! Today in
T.S.T.W.R.S.A.E.C.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B.A.O.T.B.I.A.G.C. Homesteaders were VERY busy. Songs were sung, homes were built and decorated, and a new representative town government selected by lottery!

We gathered in the circle this morning singing with the Done Song, Little Cabin in the Woods and Lean on Me. After singing, we retrieved our Peeps from the land.

Peeps are still living in primitive shelters (see Day 2) and have been victim to some terrible and disgusting encounters with local wildlife.

At left, you can see that Josephina had a seriously close encounter with a worm (it is coiled in her hair).

Below, Robin and Mia stand side by side. Robin got "slugged" in the face by a slug, and it left a slimy trail. Mia's hair was cut short (her homesteader thinks it might have been a squirrel who cut it short!).
Robin was "slugged" and Mia's hair was shortened by an animal!

After retrieving Peeps from the land we set to work. Homesteaders completed A LOT of work on houses today. 

For the more finished homes, some paints of pale hue were applied before final assembly. We'll look forward to a community college class soon to help us decorate the walls of the interior!

At left, a homesteader drills a hole to begin cutting out a window.

An older homesteader clamps a guide for
the jig saw to her wood before cutting.

We took a break from our work to learn about Robert's Rules of Order through a decision on what kind of cookies our town could tolerate eating (turns out only one was against "Rainbow Sprinkle" cookies).

After learning about Robert's Rules we had a Town Meeting to discuss our new Representative Democracy by lottery.

There was a lot of discussion about the number of representatives--should we have 3? 5? 7?  There was generally consensus that there should be an odd number of representatives, "to make sure there could be a majority," and that 5 reps is the "right number in proportion to the number of people in our village."

Three representatives seemed to be "too few to represent the whole town," and everyone agreed heartily that with 7 representatives, meetings could easily "get out of hand." Also, Bella Cose adroitly observed, at 7 representatives per legislative body, we could go through all the Peeps in T.S.T.W.R.S.A.E.C.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B.A.O.T.B.I.A.G.C. in just three elections.

One voice of (often confusing) disagreement with the majority came from Herbert III, who proposed that there should be 4 town representatives. "For a tie-breaker, we should throw rocks at a target and whoever is closest gets the extra vote." That suggestion received a lot of giggles but little actual support.  A similar reaction resulted when Herbert suggested we allow more time to get to know the candidates position on town issues, and also so we could get a sense of their bocce ball skills. His motion did not receive a second.

Seven peeps were selected for representative. Two declined to serve.

The Peeps who accepted the responsibility of representative, Batman, Harley Quinn, Tiffny, Mr. F and Bella Cose are pictured below with Commissioners Josh and Jasmine.

Between town meeting, activity periods and swimming we were busy as bees until Corvee!

Today we discussed ways to improve our Corvee system. Many campers suggested that those who were finished with their jobs early could help others who were not done yet. We showed moderate progress on this goal. Commissioners spent some time today after hours thinking of ways to ensure that all jobs get done well and in a timely fashion. No one wants to miss out on CTF/game time!

Today's games were Capture the Flag and Ninja. 

Lining up for CTF.

Epic lunge by Evie (and dodge by Josh) in Ninja.

  • Swimming (x3)
  • The representative lottery
  • Herbert III became the supreme overlord of the town! (Wait, what?!?)
  • Worked on my house (x2)
  • Playing Ninja and Josh's amazing Ninja skillz.
  • Cutting doors in my house
  • Being at camp today!
  • Fishing
  • CTF (x2) and Mark didn't crush me today!
  • Got the job at the bank and cut out my wood.
  • Getting drawn (elected) to be on town council!
  • Bocce in town meeting.  
  • Didn't have to be town representative when I was selected.  
  • No one drowned!
  • Rainbows and Cookies! 
  • Cookies and Rainbows! 
  • People would be more respectful of other people's properties!
  • Everyone has an excellent day off tomorrow.
  • That we actually elected the bocce thing. 
  • Batman recovers from brain surgery (his head broke in half today).
  • Didn't drop my phone in the portapotty!
  • Rainbows and cookies!
  • Cookies and rainbows! 
  • That I could have been Newspaper manager.
  • Futbol Palladin's (D+D trouble) (x2)
  • That the town council decides to do good!
  • That my house was more level!
  • That I can build my house on Wednesday.
  • That I get to having my wood cut by Friday.


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