Peep Biographies

Peep Robin.
Robin's Autobiography:
My name Robin I come from Minnesota. I am an ojibwe elder. I'm still learning English and I don't pronounce things very well, like this: "Peep" sounds like "keep". My favorite thing to do is cooking and my favorite color is green.  
Peep Herbert III.
Herbert's Autobiography:
 I am a follower of the great chinchilla feed and hope more will join me.
I count my years by those that I have spent worshiping the great chinchilla food.
I hate chinchillas.

Peep Bella Cose
Bella Cose's Autobiography:
Bella Cose grew up trekking from country to country with her dad, a gunrunner, assassin, bodyguard and Mercenary for anyone with enough money. THis gave bella a unique education with weapons, people, tactics, politics, breaking the law, escaping the law,  forgery, espionage and multiple languages. Bella knows English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Russian to varying degrees, as well as being able to read emotions and people. She is also exceedingly skilled in many skills that would seem useless outside of the Family Business. However, the Family Business tenst to attricat negative attention from law enforcement and they laid a trap for Bella's dad. He was captured but Bella escaped and contineued the Fmaily business, fighting in Sudan, Ukraine, The Arab Spring, the Gulf War, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as general espionage. Bella tends to be a hot-tempered, strong-emotioned and willful person who is also a "lone-wolf." She is cynical, and has no compulsions against violence. She is now trying to calm her life down.

Smaug the Dragon Peep
Smaug's Autobiography:
I am Smug, the mighty dragon! I took over the lonely mountain full of gems and TREASURE!!
I guard the king's dewl. No one can defeat me and I am on nobody's side. I despise hobbits, dwarfs and humans!
The lonely mountain is across from a nearby village that every once in awhile I burn down! One tip... do NOT get me angry. 
My favorite activities are burning Rivendale to the ground and having the lonely mountain and treasure to mySELF!

Peep Tiffny
Tiffny's Biography:
My Peep's name is Tiffny. She lives in Florida. She is 18 and is in the Olympics. She is a gymnast. She has long hair and wears a turquoise leotard with a black USA sweatshirt. She is a very happy person. 

Peep Lily
Lily's Autobiography:
Hi my name is Lily and I'm a ballarina. My favorite color is PINK.
I came from Ireland. My favorite food is pizza. I can't wait! Sincerely, Lily

Peep Charles? Fred? He doesn't want anyone to know his real name!
Who is He?'s Autobiography:
I am 92 and I am first mate of the wooly leach. The captain and the rest of the crew have died. I have agreed to sail for a captain and then return to my ship. I will not say more...

Peep Joe
Joe apparently doesn't like to speak unless spoken to. A calm, laconic type (except for the occasional angry outburst), don't expect Joe to say much on his own. He'll use his Homesteader to speak for him. 

Peep Darth Plagueis the Wise
Darth Plagueis the Wise's Autobiography:
I am the master of Darth Sidious. I will conquer the Jedi.
I am the wisest Sith to ever live. I taught my apprentice everything I know.
I am ageless. 

Peep Vivian
Vivian's Biography:
Vivian is a townsfolk from Peepsville. She is 32 and likes to bake. She also likes to craft.
She loves her home and is adopting a kitten. Her friend has a chicken. 

Peep Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn's Autobiography:
Hi, I am 32 years old. I live in Gotham City. My boyfriend, the Joker, and I love to tick Batman off. I wias a part of the Suicide Squad. A cool fact about me is that I have been to jail multiple times and I cannot swim. I worked at an Insane Asylum. I worked with Puddin and he asked for a shotgun. Of course I gave it to him. That's all you need to know about me.  
Peep Randie
Randie's Biography:
Randie likes fishing and he hates snakes and leeches.
He is from Alaska and he's 36. 

Peep Lanaea
Lanaea was described as pretty, shy, smart and 32 years old. She likes helping others.

Peep Batman
Batman's Autobiography:
Personality: Dark and Dangerous
Hobbies: Beating up Harley Quinn & Joker
Strategy: Using the dark part of my outfit to hide in the shadows.
Favorite food: Lobster Thermidor
Loves: Writing dark and doomy rap songs
Sidekick: Robin
Favorite Vehicle: Batmobile
Hates: Sunlight
Butler: Alfred

Peep Emmaly
Emmaly's Autobiography:
Hi! My name is Emmaly. I like food, steak, corn, chocolate, ice cream and ice cream cake. My favorite color is teal and purple. I am 7 peep feet tall and I am from Russia. My favorite thing to do is draw. I like jewelry and I am 22 years old. 

Peep Lacey
Lacey's Autobiography:
Hi! My name is Lacey. My favorite colors are teal and black. My favorite hairstyle is a ponytail. I have a German Shepherd and a Siamese cat. My favorite food is banana muffins. I am 18 years old and am from Scotland!

A homesteader mimic's her Peep Josephine's downcast look.
(The peep's head is on upside down, on purpose!)
Josephine's Biography:
Josifina is 9. She likes goats, horses, and mac'n'cheese.
She does not like flowers or writing.

Peep Mia

Peep Alex ??????

Hi! I'm Alex ?????? (That's "Alex Six-question Marks" to you.)
I am very happy to join Village, which is much more fun than my previous life.
Before coming to this Village I lived with the native people of the region in Siberia (sic).
This was because I had been in a plane that had crashed there when I was 3.
The Siberians were nice, but seals aren't very good to eat. I heard about Village, and
took a submarine to Nelson. My submarine froze coming out of Siberia, so that is why I arrived a bit late. 


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