Day 21: Tomorrow is appraisal day!

A new comfy chair for Tiffny's home.
Today at Village was all about getting ready for Appraisal Day. The weather seemed to understand our sense of urgency and let up on the rain as Homesteaders worked steadily throughout the day to put final touches on houses, fix up fences and made ready to show of their Peep's miniature Homestead.

We started out with some Swangan' Sangan' in the circle outside. We hardly needed the lyrics as we belted out our favorites. By now we've developed a common repertoire and Homesteaders needed little prompting as they suggested song after song. People didn't discuss, they just started up singing the first lines and everyone joined in. There was barely leaving time to breathe after finishing one song before we began another! We sang about Llamas, the Dones, the Candy Land, a family of sharks, poor Eddie Cootcha-Ketcha-Cama, Black Socks and Meatballs.

Gus shows off Soma
arrangements in the circle.

After sangin' everyone was anxious to get to work in Werk Berzerk I. Michelle's Peep Gus was here to teach homesteaders about how to make Soma Cube furniture.

The Soma Cube is a 3x3x3 dissection puzzle, which has been split into seven entirely unique pieces, made of 27 cubes. The object of the puzzle is to organize these seven pieces into a solid cube. The number of cubes in each piece can't exceed 4, and each piece has to be irregular, with a nook or turn. 

The pieces can be manipulated into a multitude of shapes, including Peep-sized chairs, couches and tables. Peep homes with Soma Cube furniture have a very modern vibe. (Information about the Soma Cube gathered here.)

Below, Homesteaders work on creating and arranging the seven pieces of the Soma Cube.


Homesteaders worked hard all day on their homes and Mini-Fair rides. Hot glue was a hot commodity as furniture was created, covered and installed. Coats of paint were applied and floors finished. Beds, tables, chairs, coat racks and other furniture appeared. Lawns were trimmed and walkways laid.

A beautiful stone walkway connects Kirby's in-ground pool,
home, fire pit and garden. 

After lunch we discussed how to "sell" the property. We met in "groupies" to discuss how to highlight the positive points of each property. Each homesteader wrote a blurb about her or his Peep's land and home to help the appraisers see the finer details of each. Small homes were described by some as "cozy" and "intimate." Homes on the edge of town touted their proximity to a wealth of natural resources and their secluded locations (away from noisy neighbors!). Many bragged about value-adding features like stone walls, pools, decks and walkways. 

After writing our blurbs we finished the day with some Land Time.  Many people tried out Mini Fair rides while others worked on their lands. Some saved money by taking some quiet time at home. 

Jacques tries Mia's zip line. 

Trimming the lawn on a tiny land. 

A new flower box adorns Herbert III's house. 

A nice stepping-stone walkway at Alex ??????'s house.
She says she will fill the flowerpots tomorrow before appraisals. 

After land time we moved fast into corvee and rushed to fit in Pluses and Wishes. It was a busy day!

Getting to do road signs. 
My house and furnture is done!
Working on my bed. 
Fence is done. 
Zip line and Radio Shows
Speed limit signs
EVERYTHING DONE and so, so, so happy today!
Awesome team work 
"Derpy Goats"
Most of furniture done for tomorrow
My shift at the trading post
Getting the interior of my house done
Land tie and fun stuff today
House is DONE
Finishing the mechanics of my vending machine and painting it
Rainbows and Cookies
D. Ducks
As dustpan person I dumped a big pile, whacked it, wondered what it was, felt it... and it was the missing piece of my mini-fair ride!!!
Interior of house done
Commerce at Land Time and candy!
Radio Herbert III's final show.

Werk Berzerk in the morning to finish some things. 
Tomorrow! (x3)
Get a high appraisal tomorrow!
House appraisals tomorrow, hope to pay off loans (x2)
Amazing weather tomorrow!
Ninja Unicorns
Get Mini-Fair ride done. 
More checks to me!
Rainbows and Cookies, Cookies and Rainbows
All goes well tomorrow!
Gem can go on some sweet rides. 


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