Day 20

Busy in the barn
The first day of our last week here at Village was rainy, as if Nelson mourned in preparation for the upcoming loss of its homesteaders. "Sanging sungs" happened in the barn, and although the outdoors were damp, the campers' vitalities were not. Mountain Dew, Down By the Bay, Little Cabin in the Woods, and others made the soundtrack of our morning. Before beginning work, each homesteader met with the commissioner in charge of their "groupie" and made intentions for the block.

Adding a warm glow!

A very exciting community college course took place during werk berzerk I: LED light installation! Villagers worked hard to line up batteries, mini lights, and copper wires ~just so~ to make their peeps' homes a little more homey. Other homesteaders continued to work on their houses and businesses.


Positive bank manager

A surprise at snack: hot chocolate! All were chilly, so commissioners shared their coffee maker and cocoa mix. There were also graham cracker rations, left over from our campfire s'more supply. Then we had werk berzerk II and lunch.

Hot chocolate chums

After lunch there was an indoor land time for peep commerce, followed by a third work block and a community college course on mini furniture. Homesteaders used cardboard, bits of wood, hot glue, and acrylic paint to create small tables, chairs, and couches-- you name it! The process left a sizable mess, but busy corvee-ers fixed it up!

Home sweet home!

Game time was just about used up by a long conversation about respect-- from cleaning up after oneself and treating one another fairly-- to not allowing an unattended toaster oven to burn down the barn! Homesteaders were understanding. Afterward we passed 3 Things around for a few minutes before telling our pluses and wishes, and retiring into the persistent storm...

LED lights work!!
Playing 3 things
Derpy goats
Nearly finished vending machine for Mini Fair
Today flew by!
Got furniture and cleaned house
Hot cocoa
Making house less like an obstacle course
Getting furniture done
Put on a nice roof
Cookies and rainbows
Hearing people take respect for themselves
Exterior of house done

Ninja unicorns
No stealing from Trading Post or stashing items
To finish buck
Better weather
Cookies and rainbows
More rain
Plushy pandas
No allergies
No more annoying noises
Rainbows and cookies
Finish interior
People understand that the point of village is to be evil


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