Day 18

Thursday, a "snaptastic" day and our 18th at camp.

We started out with singing and announcements. Before homesteaders left the circle, R50 checks signed by the Fed or to be signed by peeps who hadn't completed their house/fence/map were distributed. All but a few peeps earned the reward! Great progress.

During werk berzerk 1, Michelle led a community college course on wheel/axel arrangement for mini cars that could be used during land time. There were many attendees due to the high demand for faster travel time. Other homesteaders worked on their homes and businesses, as usual, until snack time.

This homesteader finished her house

Work shoppin' 

Making a wheeled peep-mobile!
Their vehicle has a spacious trunk  for peep cargo and

A hot air balloon ride for Mini Fair

After snack, everyone went swimming!! Those who chose to stay on shore played "don't even get me started" and "three things" with Josh, Evie, and Jasmine. In the first game, one person asks the other to tell them about a particular subject. The other person must begin a rant about that subject with "don't even get me started about [blank]," and continue until they run out of things to say! In the other game, one person asks the other to tell them three things about a subject. These things can be silly, as long as they are somewhat relatable and they amount to three!

After lunch there was another werk berzerk. We transitioned to land time with a pick-me-up/get yer wiggles out! activity in which contestants screamed while running across the lawn, and had to stop running when their initial breath ran out. It seemed to be effective in quieting the crowd, because only heavy breathing noises competed with homesteaders' announcements on their land time business.

Running to...

...and fro

Pie prizes for a peep game

A boat belonging to XXXXX, ready for
its maiden voyage

Home of Herbert III

Home of Alex ??????

Land time was entertaining, with games, pies and pancakes. Peeps are catching onto the trend of human food items selling better than peeps items of any kind, and there have been rumors of other tasty options in the mini to come. Land time also took longer than planned, as did the bezerk blocks, and the effect was a sizable chunk of game time being cut. After corvee had finished there was only time to walk to the cemetery and play a quick round of ninja before plus and wish.

Ninjas in the cemetery!

Everyone wanted my pies at land time
My imagination and Mini Fair project
Rearranging the Trading Post
Fun and friends!
The new name for Josh is Fluffy Cloud
Ninja unicorns
House done
Able to finish car to have a peep rode
Pet spider
Delicious foods sold at land time
Hot air balloon and pancakes
Work done on business
No one drowned
"Don't get me started"
Cookies and rainbows

Make more pies
We could have played camo
Finish Mini Fair project tomorrow
Get a good appraisal
People would trust me
Fluffy Cloud keeps his nickname
Fix fence and finish deck
More land time
Cookies and rainbows
More variety of food at land time
More time for group game
More done on house
Eddie C.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B didn't drown
Cool campfire tomorrow
Town meeting today
No yellow ants


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