Day 17

Wednesday was HOT and BUSY, but everyone pushed through and made great progress while maintaining a collectively positive attitude! As per usual, "Down by the Bay" was the hit song in our morning circle, and new rhymes provoked laughter.

Visitors and the peeps they made: Jorj
and Fred

During werk berzerk 1, simultaneous community college classes on wood burning and needle felting were led by Michelle.
Adding design to popsicle sticks

Things in the peep loft and work shop were equally as busy!

Herbert III on the radio

Trading Post business

A home coming together

Coping saw mastery
Putting in windowpanes

A town meeting and more berzerk followed snack...

More mini pies to sell!

Home and business progress

...And then there was land time!!! A colorful variety of merchandise brightened up the town center, while other peeps worked on their land.

A shot at a game for R1

Mini fimo food

Custom home items

Beautiful bouquets 

Bouquet sold to Petal for R2

After lunch, several campers who had finished their homes, fences, and maps accompanied Mark and Jesslyn at the pond. The rest continued their work!

Nobody drowned!!

Day 17 ended in the cemetery with a game of camouflage. Our pluses were...

Two other homesteaders
Most of house is finished
A very hungry pie customer
Lots of commerce, especially pies
Making clown costumes for Mini Fair
Cookies and rainbows
Bank account cleared up
Got paid today
Variety of merchandise at land time
People played games at land time
Ninja unicorns
Josh's amazing camo skills
Map made by homesteader
Reading a mini book
Strife and insanity happened
Hard work
Wood burning class

...and our wishes...
More careful who I sit next to
More sheep
Finish house tomorrow
Make more pies because we sold out!
Government does well tomorrow (cryptic...)
Mini Fair ride finished by the end of the week
Didn't almost lose my slime
Rainbows and cookies
That I got more done
To have two snacktimes!
Pies for prizes!
Ninja unicorns
Cookies and rainbows
Small forest and large rocks in my pants
Drink more water
Our visitors could stay!

Remember to bring a water bottle every day!! Thank you!


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