Day 16

As the last day to finish houses and turn in T-shirt/flag designs, today was especially busy.

After singing and retrieving peeps, we discussed the upcoming Mini Fair and that it would be a good time to start thinking about rides and other attractions to create.

During werk berzerk 1, homesteaders had a choice of working on their houses in the workshop, doing Fed jobs, working on personal businesses, or taking a community college course on mini-pastries with Michelle. The creators of the pastries sold them afterwards and made many rainbows.


Proud bakers and their products 

After snack, Frank Shorter announced an upcoming peep-5k. He led a quick preparatory exercise: partner wall-sits! Two groups were still pushing on at 7 minutes!! We hope that the event will occur later this week.

Wall-sitting champs!

Another werk berzerk had a continuation of last block's activities. Town meeting also happened during this time...

A preview:

A previously established law was that everypeep in town was eligible for the representative lottery. Illuminati members in the town council had been taking advantage of the lottery by trying vote out other members using the simple 50% majority rule (also established to replace 2/3 majority by an Illuminati member) until all of the councilors were also Illuminati members.

In this meeting, by a council that was 100% Illuminati members, a law was proposed that only the current representatives are eligible for the lottery, with the condition that it could only be changed unanimously in the town council. The law passed.

To those who may wonder what is going to happen with all the Illuminati business, "It already happened," according to XXXXX and Darth Plagies. It seems as though taking control of the republic was the group's only plan. Is there more to come?

A clandestine Illuminati meeting captured!

After lunch, homesteaders took a tour through the town and examined one another's properties. Who would be collecting their R50 prize, and who would be paying a R50 fine-- the carrot and stick for finishing houses and fences by the afternoon?

Showing off her property

Linnea's primitive shelter, home, and
Herbert III's spot in the Chinchilla Food

More progress was made in berzerk 3, and those peeps who had finished their homes and fences had the option of going to the pond.

Mapping land

Caterpillar crossing!

After corvee, the camp took a trip up to the near cemetery for a hoped for game of camouflage, followed by pluses and wishes:

Finishing house with Mark's help
Making and selling delicious pies
All of the hard work in the work shop
Helping a homesteader finish her house
Insanity of Illuminati
House progress
Swim 'n' fish
Working with Jasmine and finishing house
Swimming with goggles
Illuminati expanded and pumpernickel
Finished map

More camouflage
More game time
Sell more merchandise
Be more organized
Whirled peas
Less political insanity
Illuminati illumination
Rainbows and cookies
More swimming
More time to work on Mini Fair ride
Didn't forget stuff
House were done
Cookies and rainbows
Get job back at the bank
Get more done tomorrow

Thank you for reading! And as always... don't forget to bring your own water bottles to camp!


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