Day 12

On the morning of July 12th, an addition to the schedule was introduced: Land Time. What is it? Land Time is when peeps conduct their personal businesses and work on their land. Homesteaders must be on the acre with their peeps, and accordingly, move at peep speed: a decided 11 human feet per minute. Many grew bored of walking so slowly, and considered alternate modes of transportation to save time. Peep-stilts made from sticks began to appear, at as large as 5 human feet tall! Homesteaders realized that the longer the legs of their peeps, the faster they would be able to walk. There are no height regulations as of yet.

Werk Bezerk 1 saw many homesteaders begin to build vehicles for land time-- including airplanes, unicycles, and teleportation pads. The peep who suggested teleportation, Darth Plagus, claimed he would share his invention for free with others, because he suspected they would not let him keep it otherwise. Many questions arose, including if he could patent, if there should be a permit, and "What if my peeps gets hurt when I try it out?" The answer to the final was, "That's why you have life insurance." Things get interesting when Plagus' dual role as an insurance salesman is taken into account. It was decided that the town would take a vote to decide the fate of his invention.

Arguments of those peeps not in favor of allowing them were similar to: "Games are not fun without restrictions," and, "This violates physics as we know it!" It also violated the beliefs of the Chinchilla Food Cult. According to Herbert III, "Peeps were not made to move that fast, they were meant to use stilts. The teleporter should be burnt because it denies the Great Chinchilla Food's understanding of the universe and time and space. Also, come check out our stilt shop." There was a tie between allowing and not allowing, but a majority for allowing won by one vote in a second round.

Homesteaders also discussed how fast other vehicles would be allowed to move. Small personal planes, which travel at around 150mph in the human world, would move at 5mph in peep speed-- a slow jogging pace. This is much faster than peep walking speed.

Meanwhile in the Radio Station, country-deprived siblings who were both on duty fought over the channel dial in search of "something good." The cost for playing the only station they wished to listen to had been raised to R200 per work block (100 per each half). One paying homesteader took his 100 back when he learned about the change.

After bezerk was snack, and after snack, swimmers headed to the pond. Baby leeches found stuck on palms did not deter happiness for long, and a small group went on a long swim with Evie, while others fished and splashed in the shallows with Mark.

An open-session town meeting took place after lunch, in which the government's responsibilities regarding peep burials were discussed. It was decided that a square yard of land would be chosen for a cemetery, that each grave could take no more than 10 cubic peep feet, and that the means of burial were otherwise up to each deceased peep's homesteader. There is also talk of including a memorial for Eddie K.C.C.T.T.S.K.W.B., who fell into the well.

Corvee and camouflage followed another werk bezerk block, during which Michelle taught a course on window making, and then the day was over!

**Pictures coming soon!**

Open session town meeting
Wearing others' sunglasses
Finding a toad
Josh is awesome + got my windows done with him
Painting most of my house
Built a plane
Negotiating + haggling and buying a MiniFair ride
No one drowned
Made R68 off FlexaRugs
Super stilts
Making lots of rainbows off the ride I built and sold
Sold a lot of peep candy
Playing with a weird frisbee in wild ways
Land time

Cookies and rainbows
More participation in democracy
Bring a book to read during open session
Put together house tomorrow
No more baby leeches
No injuries
I don't have to restart my house
Be the richest peep alive
Paint house
Finish my peep's hammock
Make more money from rides
Sell more candy
Play more camouflage


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