Day 11: Community College Classes and Camouflage!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2017

Herbert the III's paintings.

The painting on the right
depicts Herbert I,
while the work on the left illustrates
the abduction of a cow
by an alien spacecraft.
Today at Village Homesteaders learned new skills at community college classes, held Peep interviews on the radio, worked their Peep businesses, cut paths through the woods and played many rounds of Camouflage!

We began by singing almost all of our favorites: My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean, many doses of Jibberish, the Jeep song, The Done Song, Llama, Eddie Cootcha-Ketcha Kama and had some lovely guitar accompaniment from Josh as we put our energy into the Cheese song.

From singing we retrieved our Peeps from the land. Luckily, no one was slugged or had their head eaten. We decided that this is probably due to the increasing number of houses appearing on Peeps' land!

During Werk Bezerk I (our first activity period), many Homesteaders attended a community college class on Peep-sized paintings led by Evie and her Peep Petal. Homesteaders left with paintings to hang on the walls of their completed (or nearly-completed homes). Vivian spruced up two rooms of her home with three beautiful paintings.

Vivian's home, with three beautiful
Peep Paintings installed on the walls. 

Werk Bezerk II started out very busy and somewhat rainy. Everyone was forced inside as the rain came in. Business was brisk for awhile at the trading post, but then things dropped off as Homesteaders got to work on peep structures, furniture and businesses, and created replacement items or made repairs for missing or damaged Peeps and pouches.

Business was brisk at the trading post!

A new Peep complete with Peep Pouch!

Working on Peep furniture.

Randie's Homesteader fixing a mistake as
he builds Randie's new outhouse. 

As the rain abated and the sun poked through the clouds, we decided to cut Werk Bezerk II short for an impromptu game of Camouflage! Some Homesteaders celebrated this choice (as we LOVE to play this game), but others voiced discontent at "losing valuable time to work!"

A homesteader and commissioner hide during Camouflage.
Note the commissioner's clever use of ferns to hide himself. 
It was a valiant attempt, but ultimately unsuccessful. He was seen. 

Gus's person Michelle shows a Homesteader how to make a new robe
for her Peep in the community college class.

Werk Bezerk III proved to be a very productive time as Community College students learned to make their own cloaks, coats and capes. We were so busy during this time that we weren't able to capture any of the completed works YET, but hope to get many fine photos tomorrow as Peeps sport their new duds.

Other Homesteaders continued to work on their houses, furniture and businesses, and talk drifted to topics like Peep DNA, Peep Funerals and how to make a proposal at the town meetings.

Bella Cose holding a completed Flexa-rug. Just 10 rainbows!
Some interesting characters are appearing in Village lately too... Old Joe showed up straight from morning singing! It really begs the questions... where do Peeps come from? This spawned a discussion about Peep DNA (you know, the materials Peeps are made of) and about the DNA costs. It was suggested that making the materials VERY expensive might prevent new Peeps from showing up to town without a Homesteader to help them make a life (who is going to help out Old Joe?).  It was also pointed out that if the DNA was expensive, then people would have to work hard to repair Peeps instead of replacing them, (although this might cut into the burgeoning market for a Peep Undertaker, as one Peep has recently died). We're planning her funeral for tomorrow.

Old Joe made an appearance... ready to go to town
to tell them that Eddie C.K.K.T.T.S.K.W.B.
fell into the deep dark well-well-well!

Tomorrow we look forward to more fun and games. Gus's person Michelle will be visiting AGAIN (woot woot!) to help homesteaders learn the finer points of making windows complete with trim and window boxes. 

Plusses for today: 
  • I was not fired!
  • Camouflage (x5)
  • Fishing (x2)
  • New skirt for my Peep is mostly done!
  • Nice paintings done. 
  • Cool work on Cloaks and Coats! (x2)
  • A lot of Flexa-rugs completed!
  • Community college classes were both fun!
  • I got most of my house done today. 
  • NPR interview! (National Peep Radio)
  • Finished my new Peep. 
  • Hard work and helpfulness in the workshop. 
  • Working on house and finishing it!
  • Playing Spit with two Homesteaders.
  • Completed a mini-fair ride!
Wishes for today: 
  • Corvee goes faster so there is more time for games!
  • Cookies and Rainbows (x5)
  • Finish my cloak and that the sleeves fit!
  • That the couch I got was smaller. 
  • That I could be here for the mini-fair. 
  • Work on house tomorrow. 
  • FINISH house tomorrow!
  • Win at camouflage. 
  • Find Old Joe's head. 
  • Scrap my old house model and build a new one. 
  • When XXXXX gets back he doesn't create a campaign to get me fired!
  • Buy the ride made today for the mini-fair. 
  • FISH!
  • That people would note that in the painting it is CLEARLY an alien abducting a cow. 
  • That I get to see what happens with Peep graveyard!
  • Paint my house tomorrow. 
  • That I won't get fired for taking a break!


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