Day 10

Monday, July 10-- Day 10

Today due to an unusual number of absences, the schedule at Village was a little different:

-Firstly, in that we made a small campfire in the morning to deter bugs and because it was chilly!

-And secondly, because we walked to the nearby cemetery to play camouflage twice! Will this be the game that overtakes the long-loved capture the flag?!

Peep making


The staggering damage done to peeps left on land over the weekend was proof to warrant extra fortification of homes in progress. Several homesteaders worked on new peeps, either because theirs were drastically injured or had disappeared.

Writing up a lumber order for an outhouse!

Smiles in the workshop


Fashionable new roof

Also in werk bezerk 1, Fed member Petal established a 100 rainbow fine per request to play country music on the radio. Sad peeps were given hope when Harley Quinn (Trading Post manager) paid the fine in werk bezerk 3, and pop country rang loud until cleanup. It appears that despite government imposition, music for the masses still prevails!

Playing slaps! Used to pass time while
waiting for the group to reconvene. 

Fishin' during swim time

More drama during bezerk 3 when all but two employees of the Trading Post quit due to a consensus that they weren't being paid enough. Rumors say that this is due to Radio Station manager Darth Plagus' slipping that he paid his workers at the end of each day-- not so at the Trading Post. Also contributing may have been the time conflict between work shifts and needs to paint houses.

Darth Plagus seems to be winding himself ever more deeply into the financial scene in the village. In addition to offering gambling at his Sun Rise Casino, he has recently established Peep Insurance Co. Plagus plans to cover peep injuries, peep property damage, and both personal and business financial assurance. As of bezerk 3, two peeps had already signed up, and the forecast says more to come.

Almost finished my new peep
Mixed the right hue of paint for my house
No one drowned
Wooly leech
Getting everything done
House painted
excellent game of chess

Finish peep tomorrow
More places to hide for camouflage
More camo!!
More worms to fish with
A more direct trail from camp to the pond
Swedish fish
Learn all village songs on guitar


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