Opening Day!

Swimming was a bit chilly but fun nonetheless!
Monday, June 26th
Today was our first day together at Village! Here is what we did:


  • Greet each other, find cubbies and gather in the field. 
  • Singing and name games.
  • Discuss the ONE BIG RULE: NO roller skates in the portaporties! (i.e., Be Safe!)
  • Measurement Scavenger Hunt--How big would it be for a Peep?
  • Snack
  • Peep Making and Peep Biographies 
  • Lunch
  • Explain the Game of Village
  • Swimming or continue to work on Peeps, Biographies, Peep pouches and House Plans
  • Peep Introductions
  • Pluses and Wishes

Maddie and Damon measuring "the big rock" during the Measurement Scavenger Hunt. 
Today we began our day with a few rousing songs: Coffee Pot, Baby Bumble Bee, Llama (back by popular request!), Eddie Koocha-Ketcha-Kamma, and the Jibberish Song.

We moved from singing to scale with the Measurement Scavenger hunt. Homesteaders worked in small groups to measure various items around camp.

Jesslyn helping Homesteaders imagine real-life items scaled down on our rulers. 

We re-convened in the circle to discuss how big (or small!) the items would be if they were Peep-sized.

A homesteader writes her Peep's autobiography.
After we'd learned about scale and scaling down real-life objects we moved to the barn to make our Peeps. Homesteaders spread out around the ping-pong table and at the shop work benches making and wrapping bodies, baking heads and sewing clothes.

Homesteaders at work on their Peeps' clothing. 
Cutting Lacey's dress.

Making charming clothing for peeps. 

Sewing Lacey's dress. 

Attaching a head to a body. 

Crafting a bright head.

Careful cutting!

Harley Quinn, almost finished!

Showing off What's his name!?

Making pants for Josifina. 

Beginning house plans and writing Peep bios. 

Sewing the clothes right on!

Working on Robin's house plans. Robin finished
her cardboard model today too!

We finished our day with Peep introductions and Plusses and Wishes. Today we all finished our Peeps! Hooray!

Today's Plusses:

  • Making Peeps (lots of people liked this part!),
  • Meeting Everyone, 
  • Swimming, 
  • Hearing everyone's introductions and backstories, 
  • Meeting people who have a lot in common with me, 
  • Making my cardboard house model, 
  • Helping improve the radio station, and
  • Village began (FINALLY!).
Today's Wishes:
  • I could work faster
  • A cup of tea
  • A proper cup of coffee
  • Cookies and Rainbows 
  • Unicorns and Cats that fart rainbows
  • Whirled Peas,
  • Be here longer, 
  • Village was an overnight camp,
  • I had a mansion, 
  • Batman was nicer, 
  • Wish for chinchilla food
  • Clothes for Charles/Fred/What's his name?!,
  • Miss Frosty brings Ice Cream sometime soon, and 
  • A fun day tomorrow, just like today!


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